Enhance Radiology Screening Processes leveraging deep learning technology

Interpretation of medical terms used by specialists in the reports and making them machine readable to interpret and predict future scans.

Training and accuracy of
Machine Learning models to match human accuracy to read
Radiology and CT Scans of the human body.

Using Machine Learning to interpret medical imaging findings to help reduce physicians/radiologists interpretation times and improve accuracy.

Integration and data movement of scans/images  from medical equipment into the product environment for processing and modeling. (i.e. Getting the OEM/Medical imaging hardware systems to integrate with the cloud based Digital product).

Significantly improves interpretation times of scans. i.e Improves Patient Healthcare.

One product to manage and maintain patient scans (intake, billing, scanning & reporting).

Accuracy and predictions closer to a medical SME. Accelerates and supports decision making of medical scans.

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